SCY Pictures (pronounced See) is an all Latino(a) and LGBTQ+ Production Company located in Denver, CO. Our goal is to provide unique, streamable content on a multi-media platform that attracts today's elusive viewer. We are the company that digs deep to uncover the "Diamond in the Rough" and create content that draws and intrigues a mass audience.

SCY Pictures also creates films that advocate for women's rights, LGBTQ+  rights, and address issues faced by under represented communities and promote awareness of the adversities that at risk populations face in today's society.

Carrie Gomez
Creative Director/Owner

Daustin Harvey
Creative Producer/Co Owner

Carrie Gomez is an accomplished filmmaker with professional quality work. Her passion for video and film began while visiting New York, where she attended a taping of the Today Show. She successfully completed her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production and has earned her Master’s in Entertainment Business.  Carrie credits her family, mentors and teachers for guiding her to achieve her goals.

Daustin Harvey is a Colorado native born in Pueblo, CO. From there growing up to Colorado Springs followed by moving to Denver where he resides curretly. Daustin began film 5 years ago starting in acting, and is working towards directing and producing. Along with film he has a fashion line Anton Larosa with his partner and works in the modeling and fashion world as well.