In Development

Dramatic Feature Film

As a young woman comes to terms with her sexuality, she must choose between love and family.

Brief Synopsis:
Anna is a Mexican American college student visiting home for the summer. She is introduced to the magnetic Rae and the two quickly find an unexpected connection. As Anna and Rae’s relationship deepens, Anna realizes her feelings are more than friendship for Rae.

Tensions rise as Anna tries to hide her growing relationship with Rae, while seeking guidance from her confidante and recently disowned from the family, Aunt Monica. Monica’s own coming out mirrors and validates the fears Anna faces in revealing her own sexual identity to her family.

As Anna and Rae’s relationship is discovered, Anna’s is faced with the ultimatum of family or love. 

Director’s Statement

Born of grief, rejection, intolerance, hope; A Girl Like Me is a story that embodies elements of personal defeats and triumphs from myself and those I call friends and family. A passion project since 2006, this film was created out of grief for a loved one and has proved to be a cathartic experience as it has come to represent so many voices from the LGBTQ community.

A Girl Like Me features two female characters struggling to find their identities at a time in their lives when so much turmoil and uncertainty lay ahead. Questions of who they want to be, who they are and who they are expected to be come to the surface as traditions, family loyalties and friendships are tested. Ana our protagonist faces the challenges of choosing between the love of her traditional Mexican father and her religiously devout mother or her growing feelings for Rae an affirmed lesbian with a troubled past.

When writing this story, I had many lingering questions, “What if things had turned out differently, what if I had been braver or less brave” I also wanted to give a voice to so many friends who had been rejected by their loved ones by simply being true to who they are. This film is for all of the members of the LGBTQ community, their families both accepting and not. This film is for all facets of society who feel bound by the confines of expectations, traditions, and fear.